Service Guarantees

Rejel was formed in 1995 to provide parts for a comprehensive range of vehicles, both old and new. From the outset we decided quality parts and service were right at the top of the agenda. At Rejel we really mean this and felt you needed to know exactly how hard we are working to give you the best in terms of products and service. That is why you will find not only do we guarantee the parts & service, we are prepared to define precisely what we mean by quality and the extent to which we are committed to giving you the best possible service.   In 2023 the company was purchased and we aim to carry on the original ethos of the company.

You have the right to expect the highest levels of service and customer care from Rejel. We know you can take your business elsewhere and without you we would not exist. You can be sure that we are totally committed to always doing the very best for you in the following ways...

What you want when you want it
We are 100% committed to keeping all catalogue items in stock. You can confidently make one phone call or on-line order for all your requirements. This will help you minimise your stock levels, improve your cash flow and maximise your storage space. You will be better equipped to work on the forward planning of your business.

Keeping you informed
By passing on the benefits of our supplier relationships we are able to help you improve your business profits whilst maintaining your competitive edge. We will actively encourage the flow of information to you, providing improved flexible relationships and enabling you to consistently service your clients.

Established & Experienced
Our reputation as a market leader coupled with a "hands on approach" to the needs of your business provides you with expertise, reliability, and consistency of results. You can conduct your future planning with confidence benefiting from our extensive experience and unparalleled product development intelligence.

Superior customer service
We are dedicated to forging partnerships with you by taking ownership of any problems and solving them on behalf of you and your customers. Through this we will continue to give you the back up you need and help you develop a reputation for professional growth and a first class service.

Right first time, every time
Our pledge to you is 100% of items delivered correctly and on time. By providing a free, simple, quick and reliable "One stop shop", you can plan your needs in advance, utilising your staff more effectively and improving your competitive edge.

Making life easier for you
Our product identification systems ensure you will have a precise Goods In procedure for our products, achieved through easy product recognition and labelling to your own requirements, saving you the time, trouble and expense of doing it yourself.