Clear & High Solids Kits

DINITROL D.I.Y. rust proofing clear and high solids kits for Classic Cars are available in 3 different sizes for small, medium and large size cars. The clear cavity wax allows the body colour to be seen through the coating. Clear rust proofing kits contain DINITROL High Performance clear underbody wax, DINITROL 1000 clear cavity wax and DINITROL RC900 which converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex. The high solids rust proofing kit is available in litres only and includes DINITROL 3125HS high solids cavity wax (a new formulation designed for application mainly as a cavity protection and a thin underbody coating. For use on older vehicles with some corrosion present), DINITROL 4941 black underbody wax and RC900 rust converter.