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Why invest in an Esprit windscreen repair system?

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Windscreen chip repair is an environmentally better option than windscreen replacement.  It is also financially more viable. Thanks to products like the Esprit windscreen repair kit and resins, this has been made possible. 

Esprit is a windscreen repair system for the commercial market designed for use by garages, independent windscreen repair technicians and other professionals. Rejel, supplier to the Automotive Industry is proud to be an Esprit authorised distributor for the UK and Ireland markets.

Esprit Windscreen Repair Equipment Ltd. is a second-generation family business and offers all customers an ongoing support service. When you buy an Esprit repair system it is backed up by great technical support including the availability of online training videos and technical staff with extensive knowledge built on Esprit having been creating windscreen repair equipment for  the past 35 years.

The repair kits offer a cost-effective alternative to windscreen replacements using special acrylic resin to plug damaged glass and UV lights to seal glass.

"What sets the Esprit Windscreen Repair System apart from competitors is the quality of the materials used. The Esprit system is BS AU 251:1994 certified, meaning that it meets the same performance standard as original windscreens for strength, optical performance and climatic resistance in the stringent British regulatory system." Esprit, November 2019.

Esprit windscreen repair kits include everything you need to clean and prepare an affected area as well as equipment to inject and harden the resin effectively. Repairs typically take 30 minutes or less and the kits meet the British Standard BS AU251:1994 specification for automotive laminated windscreen repair systems.

Windscreen repair kits are available to purchase from our Rejel website. We recommend that users participate in training to ensure that they can provide the highest-quality windscreen repairs.

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