Posted by Rejel on 29th May 2024

The importance of Rain and Light Sensor Pads

Rain and Light Sensor PadsThe sensor replacement pad that sits between the sensor and the windscreen plays an important role in ensuring that the light is correctly channeled into the sensor. Over t …

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Posted by Rejel on 24th May 2024

How to protect your classic car this spring

As the weather warms up, we return to the age old question of whether or not to apply an underbody rust protection to your car. The consensus appears to be that it depends on the make of ca …

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Posted by rejel on 26th Feb 2024

Rust-Proofing and what it is about

Rust-proofing is the process by which sealants are applied inside the body of a car to prevent rust from forming. Improvements in automobile construction in recent years have diminished the need for p …

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