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How do I apply Dinitrol rust protection to the underbody of car?

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Rust protection application to the underbody, particularly of older vehicles should be done every 2 to 3 years We recommend rust proofing with Dinitrol 4941 underbody wax - it is bitumen based providing excellent abrasion resistance performance and self-healing. Available in aerosol for DIY applications or where small areas need added rust protection. Also available in 1 litre Schutz style threaded neck canisters for attachment with a compatible air supply and compressor.

Corrosion preventive coating which provides long term resistance against corrosion and abrasion, even under extreme conditions.
Dries to a tough elastic waxy protective coating giving a high degree of rust protection.

How to apply Dinitrol 4941 rust protection wax

  • The spray can has to be used at room temperature. (16− 25°C)
  • Shake spray can until the steel mixing balls can be clearly heard.
  • Apply to surfaces free from corrosion, dust and grease.
  • Recommended spraying distance is 20-30 cm.
  • To ensure an optimal rust protection apply a wet film thickness of 600− 900 μm.
  • Thicker layers can be applied in separate steps.
  • Allow the material to dry for at least 15 minutes between the applications.
  • Leave to dry at room temperature.
In order to prevent blocking of the nozzle, turn the can up-side down and empty the pipe.
After a few seconds, only gas will come out, then stop spraying.

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