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Cavity wax that guarantees thorough rust proofing

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Rust proofing for cars includes underbody waxes and cavity wax product applications. By protecting metal it will stop the onset of corrosion, if protection is not applied it can lead to major repair work such as welding in new body panels - all costing the wallet!

Cavity wax offers rust proofing by displacing moisture present in cavities. The wax coats the metal offering protection - often necessary because cavities don't get the same level of protection as external body panels. Before applying, thoroughly clean the cavities of dirt and grime, wear protective clothing and protect the ground or workshop floor before you get to work. Many products require the use of a compressor to blast the wax into the applied cavities under pressure. Move the nozzle around to build up a layer of rust protection around all areas within the closed cavity. Keep spraying the product into the cavity until it starts dripping from the holes - an indication all surfaces are saturated.

Dinitrol cavity wax rust proofing

Dinitrol cavity wax offers good film building properties for open surfaces as well as for cavities. It is capable of good penetration into crevices and joints, preventing further corrosion even on damp or dirty surfaces. Once applied, Dinitrol cavity waxes leave a brown, waxy water repellent protective film. 

Dinitrol cavity wax products and their key differences

  • DINITROL 3650 - new metal, heavy duty for high corrosion environments - MOD

  • DINITROL ML3125 - old metal, penetrates through rust, contains high level of corrosion inhibitors
  • DINITROL 3642W - new metal, new build OEM
  • DINITROL 3654 - retreating existing applications
  • DINITROL ML - thin, high penetrating - contains high level of corrosion inhibitors
  • DINITROL 1000 - old metal, clear, for classic cars
  • DINITROL 77B - light brown dries to a harder, thicker film used in areas of high mechanical abrasion

Dinitrol ML penetrating cavity wax is in an aerosol formulation which means there is no need for spray guns or compressors making application so much easier. The ML cavity wax is supplied with an extended nozzle for spraying inside closed cavities such as doors, door sills, frame parts, external joints and cracks. Dinitrol ML is a rust protection product and preservative with excellent penetration properties. This wax is designed to creep and flow into the smallest of cracks, welds and seams eliminating dampness and forming a wear-resistant protective film once dry. It does not harm lacquers used in the vehicle industry and adheres well to practically all substrates and has a neutral odour after evaporation. Dinitrol ML can be used as a penetrating primer prior to the application of a higher build penetrating cavity wax such as Dinitrol 3125 HS or Dinitrol 3125 Classic.

If the ambient air temperature is low, then you’ll need to warm the can in a bucket of hot water.

Visit this page on our website to shop for DINITROL cavity wax >> Rust Proofing Waxes and Oils

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