DIY Rustproofing Kits

DINITROL DIY rust proofing kits contain all the products you need to protect your vehicle from corrosion. Rust proofing kits contain: cavity wax, underbody wax, rust converter, plugs and application accessories. 

DINITROL rust proofing kits are available in aerosol or litres. If you choose to buy the litres kit, a compressor providing 6 Bar or 90psi operating pressure and 4 CFM (cubic foot per minute) will be required to apply this product.

DIY DINITROL rust proofing kits are compatible with all major car manufacturer brands including classic cars and commercial vehicles. If you require assistance in choosing the correct kit that best meets the needs of your vehicle, then contact Rejel on 01234 273388 or send us a message via our Contact Us page.