Cavity Wax

DINITROL cavity waxes provide long lasting corrosion resistance by eliminating moisture. These water displacing products even penetrate into hairline cracks for additional protection.

DINITROL cavity wax will not crack, chip or peel and is designed for application to internal and external surfaces of vehicles. DINITROL 3125 cavity wax is particularly suitable for use on old vehicles where corrosion is evident, such as the underbody. It offers a drip free application and dries to leave a brown, hard, waxy film. DINITROL ML is very thin and of low viscosity so it is ideal for spraying into the chassis, box sections and hard to reach areas. Contains rust inhibitors and helps stop ongoing corrosion. DINITROL 3654 is designed for use in new build production, at import plants, during truck and bus manufacture and in the aftermarket. Also for use on spare parts stored under very corrosive conditions.

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