Our Definition of Quality

Although it is relatively easy to find cheaper products in just about any industry there is an old saying “you only get what you pay for” and often this is true. It is not our policy to supply you with lower cost parts if they are not up to the job.

Quality is vital in our industry for a number of reasons and that is simply not an area where Rejel are prepared to compromise.

But quality can be subjective. What does “quality” mean?
We are happy to explain exactly how we determine which components and manufacturers meet our rigorous standards.

This is the Rejel…Definition of Quality

We are always looking to develop our range so that we can improve our service to you. To ensure the suitability of any new product, whether it’s from a new or an existing supplier, we always follow the same, strict quality control regime.

When it comes to finding a source for a particular item, wherever possible they are supplied by the same factory that provides the original parts for the vehicle manufacturers (the original equipment manufacturer or OEM). This saves time and money and helps to avoid any chance of sub-standard equipment.

If necessary we will visit the manufacturer to ensure we are confident of their ability to produce the components properly and that their quality is consistent. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, so we always stick to the same thorough procedure before supplying these parts to you.

With any product the first step is always to request samples for testing purposes. When the samples arrive they are first visually inspected to check the finish is right. Only if the sample passes this first stage will we continue with the procedure. Next the component will be compared with the original vehicle part to ascertain that it is identical in every way including all dimensions, flexibility and just the overall “feel” of the part.

The next step is to actually use the parts in a real world situation to ensure the fit is perfect in every respect. Providing our inspectors are totally happy we will order an initial production run. If not, the sample and the results of our finding will be sent back to the manufacturer with our recommendations as to how the part can be improved so it meets our standards.

If necessary we will again visit the manufacturer to see that our suggestions are actually being incorporated before ordering further samples. In every case we insist on paying for samples as we feel this puts us in a position to be able to voice our comments or criticisms and insist on improvements, which would not necessarily be the case with free samples.

This process will continue until we are happy with the part or we have to find an alternative supplier. Providing we have established that the component and the manufacturer are up to the standard we will then switch to batch testing.

With every delivery we take a random sample of each component and check them against the standard pattern. If any defects are found the whole consignment will be checked and if there are any further substandard parts the entire shipment will be returned to the manufacturer with full documentation detailing the reasons for the rejection and any suggestions we have for improvements.

When a part has had a problem in the past these are logged and the items are fully inspected every time we receive a delivery.

All orders that we have previously packaged are re-checked to confirm that the labelling, bagging and parcelling is exactly to the customer’s specification prior to despatch.

As hard as we try to avoid problems, people are human and mistakes do happen, any errors that do occur are carefully logged. Failures could include wrong parts sent, late deliveries, any quality concerns, packaging issues or goods arriving damaged. Rather than being buried, every problem is highlighted, fully investigated and rectified if appropriate.

Each month a report is produced listing service failures and showing them as a percentage of the total goods despatched so we can monitor our performance. In addition we monitor all our suppliers so we can continue to ensure they are fulfilling their commitments to us in all respects.

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