Posted by REJEL on 28th Jun 2024

Step by step guide to Dinitrol rust proofing application

You have decided that rust proofing your car whether new or a classic car is the best option to protecting against the harsh winter road conditions. It is a processes that can be left to the professional at an approved treatment centre, recommendations on our website, or by DIY method. We have a number of spray diagrams to help, let us know if we can supply the one you need.

DINITROL rust proofing products were designed to give short to long-term protection for all metal surfaces by creating a resistant barrier to metal substrates against corrosion and abrasion.

The first step to rust proofing is to use a high pressure washer to remove soil, grit and other debris from the undercarriage. Once thoroughly dry, all mechanical and sensitive components should be protected by covering them with plastic and sealing with masking tape.

DINITROL has an excellent penetration capacity and enters into the smallest cavities and grooves.

The attached video shows some of the products being applied. Whether you are looking for underbody coatings, cavity waxes, sound deadening or dampening materials, rust converters, short and long term protection coatings, DINITROL has a product for each requirement. 

Dinitrol rust protection application video 

For more information, contact Rejel - a UK distributor of DINITROL to the UK market.