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Do you rust proof your Classic Car before winter?

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The true definition of a 'Classic Car' varies from country to country, but broadly speaking it is any car older than 29 years or older than 15 years and with a street value in excess of £15,000. Regardless of the absolute definition, the older a vehicle gets the greater the need to look after it and keep it free of the destructive forces of rust. Even new vehicles should have a rustproofing treatment despite factory applied treatment during car manufacture to keep it in excellent condition for longer.

Classic car winter storage

  • Parking in a well ventilated, damp-free garage is preferable. Humidity and moisture could lead to corrosion and possible mould to upholstered interiors. The use of a dehumidifier will ensure a mould and rust-free environment.
  • Keep windows slightly open to keep air circulating.
  • Prevent hand-brake cables seizing by releasing the hand-brake prior to long-term storage.
  • Raise car on jack-stands to prevent flat spots on tyres. 
  • Lower tyre pressure
  • Check engine fluids - oil, water, brake fluid levels as part of ongoing classic car essential maintenance
  • Cover car with a breathable sheet of fabric
  • Avoid leaving your classic car in direct sunlight or exposed to extreme cold. The cold air will bring in moisture and lead to corrosion
  • Ensure your garage is free of the destructive forces of those nasty rodent teeth! They will chew on upholstery and on wiring 

Classic car rust proofing

Dinitrol have made the rust proofing process simpler by supplying kits designed for small, medium and large size vehicles. 

The Land Rover kits are available in two different options to suit budget and requirements - one for application on newly manufactured vehicles, and the other for the classic Land Rover models.

The rustproofing kits for Land Rovers include the following products:

- Classic Kit: DINITROL ML3125 Cavity Wax; DINITROL 4941 Black Underbody Wax; DINITROL RC900 Rust Converter and DINITROL 445M Black Stone Chip

- New Vehicle Kit : DINITROL 3654 Cavity Wax; DINITROL 445 Black Stone Chip, DINITROL 4941 Black Underbody Wax and DINITROL 7225 Autocleaner.

When you order your rustproofing kit, we will supply you with a detailed application instruction guide. It is worth familiarising yourself with each step as illustrated in the guide to ensure you have complete vehicle coverage - both internally and externally.

For off-road and high mileage vehicles, Dinitrol also supply Stone-Chip rustproofing kits and include kits specifically for Subaru Imprezza and Mitsubishi Evo cars.

Products included in the kits are DINITROL ML3125 Cavity wax; DINITROL 445 Stone chip; DINITROL 447 Stone chip and DINITROL RC900S Rust Converter.

For guidance on rustproofing your classic car, visit our FAQ page, 'Guidance on the application of rust prevention wax'.

For more information about Dinitrol rustproofing kits call us on 01234 273388 or visit our website http://www.rejel.com