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Remove the rust that causes overheating
Treat the overheat with Evapo-Rust® THERMOCURE®. THERMOCURE® Cooling System Rust Remover & Flush uses the latest technology in rust and corrosion removal to completely revitalize any water cooled engine. THERMOCURE® removes rust scale and deposits from radiators, water pumps, water jackets, engine blocks, and heads. Rust and corrosion act an insulator and cause vehicles to overheat. THERMOCURE® clears away that rust and restores your cooling system to normal working condition. THERMOCURE® cooling system flush is safe, simple, and easy to use. This product restores the engine’s ability to transfer heat to the coolant allowing engines to run cooler and essentially last longer!
Easy to use
Use on: ATVs, Automobiles, Diesels, RVs, & Tractors


Remove coolant and add one quart (0.946L) of Thermocure per two gallons of water. Run the the vehicle for 3-4 hours up to several days for extensive rust. Do not use in freezing weather. You may drive the car normally during this period. Drain the cooling system and flush twice with water. Add a high quality coolant mixed to manufacture’s specification with water.

Concentrated: Mixing ratio – 1 Quar t(0.946L) : 2 Gallons Water.

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