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DINITROL Info for LTI Owners

LTI (London Taxi Company) Owners 

Advice on taxi Rust Protection

Before your taxi left the factory it was treated with DINITROL.

To maintain a high level of corrosion protection, we recommend that you have your taxi treated at 12,36, & 60 months. The reason we recommend this time scale is due to the amount of use and level of mileage covered during these intervals. Maintaining your vehicle will add to the re-sale value and protect it against expensive chassis repairs. 
Soon after you purchased your taxi, you should have received a warranty booklet as shown below. If you did not receive one, contact us and we will send you a replacement. You will also receive a reminder postcard before your first anniversary. 
Your treatment can be carried out within 30 days either side of the anniversary. 
When your application has been carried out, the treatment centre will stick a service stamp in your booklet and tear out a postcard which they send to us as a record for your warranty. These are logged for any possible claims.



Rust protection products applied to your taxi 

DINITROL 3654 is a thixotropic corrosion preventive fluid with good film building properties for open surfaces as well as for cavities. It is capable of good penetration into crevices and joints, preventing further corrosion even on damp or dirty surfaces. Leaves a brown, waxy water repellent protective film.

DINITROL 4941 is a black external under body corrosion preventive fluid which provides long term resistance against corrosion and abrasion, even under severe conditions. Provides a tough elastic waxy protective coating. The film is resistant to repair and paint oven temperatures.

Click below to view an application guide for the LTI taxi. This will give you an indication of where and how to apply the product.
LTI - DINITROL Retreatment Manual

Would you like to have rust proofing applied professionally?

Go To Our Treatment Centres Page.

What Does Thixotropic Mean?

Thixotropic means that the wax skins over but remains soft underneath allowing for expansion and contraction of the surface it is applied to. It is also self healing, meaning that if it is chipped by a stone it will migrate across to repair the damage. Another example is toothpaste, which allows it to be squeezed out of the tube, yet retain a solid shape on the brush. 

Dinitrol London Taxi Anti-Corrosion Programme

Six Year Guarantee

Your new vehicle has been protected during manufacture against inside-to-outside corrosion using Dinitrol specialist cavity waxes, you can now benefit from a 6 year guarantee programme against inside-to-outside corrosion. Although great care has been taken in the design and construction of your vehicle, corrosion in metal is inevitable over time. The original Anti-Corrosion treatment will give your vehicle a good start in life, but regular retreatments are required to continue the protection and to maintain the validity of the guarantee. Your vehicle can only be protected by the combined efforts of your dealer and yourself.

Your Guarantee Covers 

The cost of repair or replacement of body parts in the event of perforation by corrosion, originating from the inside surfaces of your vehicle.

Your Guarantee Does Not Cover 

The exhaust system, chassis, petrol tank, mechanical components or corrosion on or originating from exterior surfaces. Also excluded is external seam corrosion or damage caused by stone chipping, scratches, abrasion or external paint failure.

Start Date

The 6 year period commences at date of the vehicle’s first registration with any licensing authority.


Retreatment with Dinitrol products at specified times must be carried out by a Manufacturer’s Approved Service Centre. The cost of labour and materials are chargeable to the owner. Each body service retreatment must be completed within 30 days either side of the due date at 1 year, 3 years and 5 years from the date of first registration, otherwise the guarantee lapses. Please note items 2 and 3 under Terms and Conditions.


In the event of accident damage to the vehicle, re-application of Dinitrol corrosion preventive materials to internal cavities and surfaces must be carried out as part of the repair work. Ensure the repairer provides this protective retreatment, as accident damaged and adjacent areas that are not repaired and retreated will be excluded from the guarantee.


Terms and Conditions


Subject to the terms and conditions set out in this programme, Rejel guarantee the vehicle specified in this booklet against corrosion of the bodywork structure or body panels from the internal surfaces through to the outside, for a period of six years from the date of the vehicle’s initial registration with any licensing authority. This guarantee is limited to the bodywork and body panels from the bottom of the windowline downwards and where Dinitrol products have been applied during manufacture.


a The vehicle must be presented to a Service Centre authorised by the manufacturer and approved by Rejel  at the following intervals for retreatment with Dinitrol anti-corrosion waxes:

(i) 12 months

(ii) 36 months

(iii) 60 months

Each of these retreatment services must be completed within 30 days either side of the anniversary date of the vehicle’s first registration. Retreatment must always be completed at the correct time, even if a claim is to be submitted.

b The date of each body service must be recorded in this Guarantee Book. The continuation of the guarantee is validated by the Service Centre’s signature together with the Rejel Guarantee Service Stamp.

c The cost of the services will be chargeable to the owner of the vehicle at the current rate.

d If any retreatment service is not carried out within the time specified this guarantee will be invalidated from that time and cannot be reinstated by a subsequent service.


In the event of the bodywork covered by this guarantee being replaced, repaired or modified those parts must be treated with Dinitrol products by a Manufacturer’s Approved Service Centre, within fourteen days of such replacement, repair or modification. This cost shall be met by the owner of the vehicle (save in the case of a repair or replacement effected pursuant to this guarantee when the cost of such treatment shall be paid for by Rejel). Failure to treat such parts of the vehicle will invalidate the guarantee in respect of the components affected by such replacement, repair or modification.


If an owner wishes to make a claim under the terms of this guarantee the vehicle and guarantee booklet must be presented to a Manufacturer’s Approved Service Centre within 14 days of the first sign of corrosion. The Centre will then submit a claim form to Rejel if appropriate. Rejel shall not be liable for any additional corrosion damage caused by the failure of the owner to present the vehicle to a Manufacturer’s Approved Service Centre within such 14 day period.


The liability of Rejel under this guarantee shall be limited to:

a The repair or replacement of parts affected by corrosion damage as deemed necessary by Rejel, which shall be carried out by a repairer approved by Rejel.

b The cost of treatment of such repaired or replaced parts.

c The United Kingdom only The aggregate maximum liability of Rejel in respect of all claims made under this guarantee shall not exceed two thirds of the trade value of a comparable vehicle at the date of the claim, for a vehicle of the same make, model, age and similar condition and mileage but without corrosion damage, or £2000 whichever is the lower amount. In the event of payment of the maximum claim amount this guarantee shall become invalid. In no event shall Rejel be liable for any consequential loss howsoever caused.


This guarantee is not applicable to:

a Any vehicle used for motor sport competition (including racing, rallying, trials and pace making) or subject to abnormal conditions;

b Corrosion damage to vehicles used for transporting goods which may accelerate corrosion such as acids, salts, chemicals or other corrosive agents;

c Any damage to mechanical components, the exhaust, fuel tank or brightwork parts of the vehicle;

d Any damage caused by the inward penetration of corrosion through the paintwork of the vehicle or external corrosion;

e Corrosion damage to any areas of the vehicle which cannot be retreated or to any parts of the vehicle which have been so constructed that the Dinitrol treatment cannot be applied thereon, e.g. closed or foam-filled cavities, caulk-filled seams etc.


a This guarantee is automatically transferable to a new owner of the vehicle without the necessity of informing Rejel

b This guarantee does not in any way affect or limit the statutory rights of the owner of the vehicle.